Casper House, Charlotte Street, Birmingham

Casper House is a residence complex close to central Birmingham.

The dwellings are formed on the left and right wings over five floors.

The ground floor has three apartments with the other four floors having five apartments on each wing, a total of forty-six apartments.

The mechanical domestic installation is restricted to the Kitchen and Bathroom.

Mains Cold Water

The domestic cold-water service for the refurbishment scope is limited to within each apartment, the existing cold-water installation required minor to facilitate the new bathroom & kitchen furniture and appliances

Each apartment received a new electrically heated hot water cylinder, the domestic hot water generated serves all hot water outlets in the refurbished kitchen and bathroom. 

Soil and Waste Services

New soil and waste pipework was provided within each apartment to suite the new layout furniture and equipment, connecting to existing infrastructure throughout,

Novus worked closely with the client team to specify new replacement sanitary ware to the bathroom to match the project budget.