Manor High School

Boiler Refurbishment

Manor High School spoke to Novus regarding their dilapidated central boiler plant, the boiler house was in a remote location to the main school buildings,

We implemented a full replacement scheme during the summer shut down that involved the dismantling of three large format boilers, replace with new including boiler flues, circulators, and off site pipework fabrication,

The key area of focus on this project was the completion date, the heating boiler plant provided primary source for domestic hot water that required a period to get back up to temperature ready prior to students return to clean and prepare the school for the new term date, so in effect we implemented a soft PC prior to the actual required PC with hot water generating plant going on site some weeks before the completion of the main heating plant used in part load to generate the hot water, this involved careful planning of the pipework configuration to allow part testing & commission.